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Product Description


PET coated mdf .PET stands for “polyethylene terephthalate” and MDF for ‘’ Medium Density Fiberboard’’. PET is eco-friendly ,no toxic gas released ,strong, impact and scratch-resistant, an excellent water and moisture barrier material,  PET is  widely used for food packing material  The surface is made of  Korea imported PET. The PET surface is applied to MDF with high-tech German technology under high heat and pressure with PUR glue.

Product PET MDF Board 
Size 1220*2440 MM  1220*2750 mm, 1220*3050  Thickness 5, 6, 9, 12, 15, 16, 18, 25mm
Core  MDF, HDF, Plywood, OSB, Particle board, PVC Foam board ETc
Hardness Above 2H,Scratch resistance 
Surface finishingKorean LG  PET Sheet
AdhesiveGermany brand hot-melt- glue
Back finishingWhite or matching color high quality melamine
Color Solid color, wood grain color, Aluminum, texture

SETTING PET film paramaters

IndexUnit Test Result Test Method
High gloss Supper Matt
High gloss/>92<560 glossy meter
Tensile strength
Machine Direction
kg/cm3≧400≧400DIN EN ISO 527-1
Tear Strength
Transvere Direction
kg/cm3≧100≧100DIN EN ISO 527-1
UV resistanceGrey scale55IS04892-2
Chemical resistanceClass1B1BDIN 68861-1
Wet heat resistanceClass8B (70 ℃)8B (70 ℃)DIN68861-8
Dry heat resistanceClass7D(70 ℃)7D(70 ℃)DIN68861-7

It has good acid-resistance and alkali-resistance.

Its performance will not change even the temperature is -25℃or 400℃.

Easy cleaning, simple daily maintenance.

Any color is available

MDF PET Surface Panel could be easily treated and edge-covered. Appropriate for wall decoration, office furniture, household furniture, kitchen cabinet and so on.

Our company supply Particleboard PET Surface Panel, we have a whole set of the quality management system. 


PET Paenl 栏目内容

The advantages of setting PET MDF  board

Eco-friendly : PET is widly used for food packing which is no toxic gas relased and can be degradable .

UV -Resistance : PET mdf board surface with LG additives ,Reflecting the light .Performing best uv resistance .

Scratch-Resistance :With newly developed coating system ,Scratch resistance has been improved .

Flatness  and abrassion resistance :Extrame mark resistance and abrasion resistance ,Low orange peel and flow mark 

No color difference :Batch to batch color stable 

PET Paenl栏目内容

The application of PET MDF Board :

Our  PET coated MDF panels are used for all millwork projects such as:
kitchen cabinets
bathroom vanity cabinets
office cabinets
custom closets
modern display units
furniture, store fixtures
interior wall panels

Colors of PET MDF Board :

We have more than 60 colors of PET mdf board available .The colors contains :

High gloss Plain color  series 

Wood grain series 

Marble stone color series 

Deep imbossed series 

Metal brushed series 

Colour Display

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