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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Customizing Cabinets?

Oct. 31, 2019

In the decoration of the furniture, the kitchen cabinet customization is also a large-scale main material. Not only the decoration company will profit from it, but also the sales outlets will make a profit. So many profits are on the owner, so before choosing the cabinet, it is very good to choose the cabinet manufacturer. Necessary, of course, must choose the following points. A set of 40,000 cups of cabinets will be settled. It is not a problem to save more than 10,000. The key is to find out more about these. We buy not only cabinets, but also when used. Rest assured, comfortable, then what should be noted in the cabinet customization? UV Coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors Manufacturer will be popularized next.

1. The cabinet itself is not an independent cabinet. Because the overall floor of the cabinet is relatively strong, this will be very strong. If the owners see that they are individually packaged, then the cabinet is non-independent. These problems are not big and the cabinets are better. The layers are clearly arranged and used in a more comfortable way.

2. Is the panel of the cabinet a solid wood board or a paint-free board? Solid wood board is the best, of course, the price is also the highest, the paint-free board is relatively more environmentally friendly, but the quality is certainly not as good as the solid wood board, the ecological board price is lower but the quality is quite good, the particle board and the density board are not good. The water expands and expands, so we customize the cabinets of the plates according to our economic strength. We also need to glance at the installation, is it our custom plate. There are also cabinet doors made of Chemical resistance PET Surface Panel that are applied to unique scenes.

 Chemical resistance PET Surface Panel

Scratch -resistance Embossed PET Surface Panels

3, the cabinet plate against the wall is not the same as the front plate, this problem is a lot of small long will have, is to cut costs in order to reduce costs, the plate position is one-sided, no cover problem is great, such as It is easy to get wet and mold, reduce the service life of cabinets, and the release rate of formaldehyde is much faster. It is not environmentally friendly and not durable. This is the most easily overlooked. At the same time, it should be selected according to its own conditions, such as selecting Scratch -resistance Embossed PET Surface Panels. For this point, it is very important to find a formal cabinet manufacturer. Don't go to some small workshops and get lost.

4, the thickness of the board, if the owner chooses 18 mm, the site to confirm, because the gap of 2 mm is hard to see.

5, the warranty period of the cabinet customization, some big-name cabinets are generally 5 years warranty, lifetime maintenance. Because of the courage to guarantee 5 years, the quality is no doubt.

6, is also a detailed problem, the overall cabinet custom seal and drawer rail mute, and some will have a link when closing, and there is no noise, but also can prevent cockroaches coming in, although the details are very practical.

7, is also the most important, there is no quality inspection report, is it in line with environmental indicators, you must be environmentally friendly when you live. Custom cabinets "water is too deep", you must know these questions before you can customize the cabinets.

The above is about the issues that should be paid attention to when customizing the cabinet, I hope to help everyone. If you are interested in the cabinet panel, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of high quality panels, welcome you.

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