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Advantage Of UV Coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors

May. 31, 2019

1. The UV Coating Kitchen Cabinet Door has the same scratch and acid and alkali corrosion resistance as the plastic cabinet door panel. When cleaning the uv cabinet door panel, it can be directly scrubbed with the steel ball, and the surface and color of the uv cabinet door panel will not be damaged.

2. From the outside, the mirror surface of the uv cabinet door has obvious high-gloss effect, and it also has obvious reflective effect. The surface is smooth and the paint film is full, and the paint film looks thick and full.

3, PET film Kitchen Cabinet Doors are made of new material uv board, and uv board is an environmentally friendly and healthy material, but also has the advantages of rich color, no fading, etc. Therefore, uv cabinet door panel also has the advantages of environmental protection and health, no fading. .

UV board cabinet door has a strong visual impact, beautiful and stylish, smooth surface, wear-resistant, insect-proof, not easy to deform, rich in color, will gradually become the mainstream cabinet door on the market

UV Coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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