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Type of cabinet door panel 2

Dec. 20, 2019

There are various classification criteria for cabinets, some according to the material of the door panel, and some according to the style. In the final analysis, the cabinets are classified according to the cabinet door panel. Eco-friendly PET surface panel supplier shares with you.

The common classifications are double decoration panel, fireproof board, UV board, melamine board, PET board, metal board, crystal board, carbon board, paint board, blister board (molded board), solid board, etc.

PET board

The polymer composite board uses PET as the raw material and does not contain any harmful volatile substances. PET is widely used in various food, pharmaceutical, non-toxic and sterile packaging, such as a plastic wrap, beverage bottles, and edible oil packaging bottles are made of PET materials.

Advantages: The surface layer has a certain thickness, which avoids impurities and bubbles and ensures the flatness and gloss of the entire door panel. Due to the direct sunlight or the passage of time of UV light, the UV panel will cause discoloration and color difference, but the polymer composite panel has excellent color and brightness, consistent color, and will not lose color over time.

This PET is a composite material with very high adhesion. The surface layer is thicker than that of ordinary door panels. It is bonded with imported PUR glue during processing and cannot be cut and peeled. The joint can withstand temperature 180 ℃, hardness is greater than 6H, breaking the high-end cabinets must be delicate history.

Disadvantages: high cost, unable to do modeling

Heat Resistant Acrylic Surface Panel

Metal board

Metal door panel is a kind of door panel which is more popular in the market at present. It has avant-garde, fashion, gorgeous, personalized and time sense. Its structure is a high-quality medium-density board, such as aluminum-magnesium alloy plate, stainless steel plate and other metal plates that are specially treated to form a dense protective layer on the surface.

Advantages: heat resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, easy scrubbing, long service life, and has a hazy art decoration effect on modern aesthetic design methods.

Disadvantages: The color is more monotonous, and mostly cold colors. If the edging is not handled well, the inner lining is prone to mildew, and it is generally matched with metal door panels.

Crystal plate

The base material of crystal door panel is MDF or particleboard, and the base material of high-quality crystal door panel is fine wood board. After the surface layer is spray-painted, a layer of acrylic with a thickness of about 2-3 mm is pasted to make the door look crystal clear, hence the name crystal plate. Due to the material, the edge of the crystal door panel should be sealed with aluminum alloy to prevent the glued acrylic from cracking or falling off.

Advantages: bright color, rich color, easy to clean, and diverse shapes.

Disadvantages: not wear-resistant, easy to leave scratches. Deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction and the corners of the surface layer are liable to warp.

Our company also provides heat resistant Acrylic Surface Panel.

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