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Characterization Of Painted UV Board

Jul. 25, 2019

The painted UV board is divided into embossed painted UV board, metal painted UV board and illusion colored painted UV board according to the production process. It is mainly used to make whole cabinets, painted sliding doors and overall wardrobes. Do you know the characteristics of painted UV panels? Today, UV Coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors Factory want to introduce it to you.

Marble UV Board

Marble UV Board

1. The film is full: the color is full and attractive.

2. Does not fade: through comparison experiments prove that UV veneer and traditional plate, have better physical and chemical properties, to ensure that the UV plate does not lose color for a long time, and solve the phenomenon of chromatic aberration.

3. Scratch resistance: high hardness, more polished, brighter, normal temperature curing for a long time without deformation.

4. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance: UV board can resist the corrosion of various acid and alkali disinfectant.

The painted UV board not only has the above characteristics, but also is environmentally friendly and healthy. Usually the baking varnish is not baked, and the VOC is released continuously. The UV board solves the environmental problems of the century. It not only does not contain volatile substances such as benzene, but also forms a dense cured film by ultraviolet light curing, which reduces the release amount of the substrate gas.

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