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Frequently Encountered Problems Of Natural Aluminum PET Surface Panel

Jun. 15, 2019

Many Natural Aluminum PET Surface Panel on the market will change color after varnishing. For example, white oak and white maple will turn yellow after painting, and it is said that the longer the time, the deeper the yellow color will be.

When selecting a Cool PET Surface Panel, wipe it with a damp cloth and look at the effect, which is closer to the effect of brush varnish. After a long time, the decorative panel has a certain degree of deepening and oxidation, and the color will inevitably turn yellow. It is the key to choose the varnish.

The reasons for discoloration are as follows:

(1) The ester solvent in the varnish reacts with the iron container and becomes black after being exposed to water.

(2) Turpentine oil easily produces reddish brown pigment in iron drums.

(3) Gold and silver powder and varnish are prone to acid etching, making the paint color green, dark, and tarnished.

(4) The storage period is too long and the sediment is discolored.

The prevention and control method is:

(1) The shellac varnish which is most prone to discoloration is contained in a non-metallic container.

(2) Add gold powder and silver powder before using varnish. Do not prematurely add it to varnish for storage.

(3) If the coating is discolored, if it is not a quality problem, it can be used after thorough stirring.

Natural Aluminum PET Surface Panel

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