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Decorative Materials Commonly Used In Decoration

Jun. 20, 2019

1. Recognize the difference between the artificial veneer veneer and the natural wood veneer veneer: the former texture is basically straight texture, the texture pattern has rules; while the latter is natural wood pattern, the texture pattern has natural variability and is irregular.

2, good decoration: the appearance of the Modern PET Surface Panel should have a good aesthetic, the material is fine and uniform, the color is clear, and the wood grain is beautiful. The texture of the matching board and the parquet should be arranged according to a certain regularity, the wood color is similar, and the seam is almost parallel to the edge of the board.

3, the surface should be no obvious defects: the surface of the selected decorative board should be smooth, no burrs, hook marks and planing knife marks; there should be no penetration phenomenon (such as local blackening, yellowing phenomenon); should try to select the surface without cracks, cracks, No skin, resin capsule and gum road; the natural warpage of the whole board should be as small as possible to avoid the sand penetration phenomenon caused by the improper operation of the sanding process.

4, the rubber layer structure is stable, no opening phenomenon: should pay attention to the surface between the veneer and the substrate, the inner layer of the substrate can not appear bulging, stratification phenomenon.

5. Glue test for gluing strength: This method is the most intuitive method for testing gluing strength. Use a sharp flat blade to pry open along the glue layer. If the rubber layer breaks and the wood breaks, the glue strength is poor.

6, to choose a low formaldehyde release plate: choose to avoid the scent of Metal Surface PET Panel. Because the greater the odor, the higher the amount of formaldehyde released, the more serious the pollution, the greater the harm.

7. Choose products with clear production enterprises: Most products with clear factory names, sites, and trademarks are relatively reliable.

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