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What Are The Advantages Of Using Marble UV Panels?

Aug. 19, 2019

Here is a Marble UV Board Factory talking about the advantages of using marble UV panels.

This kind of product of Marble UV Board, because it has the advantages that other ordinary decorative board does not have, is popular with everyone, then what advantages does it have?

Marble UV Board

Marble UV Board

The surface of the marble UV board is smooth and smooth, the texture of the board, the surface is the quality of the glass, very smooth and smooth, looks more beautiful, and the surface is very smooth and smooth, without some small holes, so it will not appear What stains can't be removed. Its processability is strong, no matter the paste of the board, it is very convenient for the size of the cutting, it will not be easily cut and cracked, and it will not easily fall on it. It is also very safe and environmentally friendly, which is also very important for decorative materials.

The marble UV board is treated with a cured lacquer on the surface. It uses a solvent-free environmentally friendly lacquer, which can reduce the formaldehyde release of the decorative lacquer surface and improve its environmental protection index.

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