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Loading And Transport Of Marble UV Panels

Aug. 26, 2019

Marble UV Board Factory needs to put a layer of moisture-proof material on the bottom before loading, and when it is placed, it should be light, and should be placed flat on top. Do not crash, scratch or step on.

When carrying the Marble UV Board, be sure to lift the four sides and proceed in the order. When loading, you should use a forklift to load it, or two people will lift the plate at the same time, but it is forbidden to push and pull, so as not to scratch the board, you must put it on a flat wooden pallet. Upper, the board is facing up. If it is in the winter, the weather is cold and it is prone to icing. At this time, the UV plate will be brittle. Therefore, when transporting, the four corners of the plate must be packaged to avoid the phenomenon of missing corners. However, even if the waterproof performance of the UV board is very good, it is necessary to do moisture-proof work during installation. Before installation, a layer of substrate such as wood board or fire board can be firstly applied on the wall surface.

Marble UV Board

Marble UV Board

It is also required that the flatness of the wall surface is high, because the UV board is attached to the wall surface, and if the wall surface is not flat, the appearance of the UV board will be seriously affected. The substrate surface should also be treated well, only the substrate surface is clean, so that the UV board attached to the substrate surface will be long-lasting.

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