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4 Taboo Points Of Home Decoration For Marble UV Board

Aug. 09, 2019

The use of Marble UV Board for home improvement has become a trend, then Marble UV Board Factory today shares four points in the home improvement, I hope everyone can help after understanding!

Marble UV Board

Marble UV Board

1. Black and white comparison - will make people visually exhausted

Black and white is the most classic color. It is a never-ending color. If it is used in black and white in the home decoration, it will be a bit fancy. It will make people feel dizzy when they live in a long place. It is very simple and serious. Sense.

Of course, this is not to say that the two color tones cannot be used at the same time. It is also possible to properly distribute the shares of the two colors. Usually, the white color is the main color, and the black color is partially decorated. It will create a spacious and inviting living space environment.

2. Purple bedroom - has a strong sense of oppression

Purple, romantic and dreamy colors, I believe many brothers often use it as a home decoration color, but if the bedroom wall is painted with a large area of purple, it will make the whole room deep, the light dimmed, giving it to people A feeling of oppression that affects the mood of the settler.

In addition, the bright colors of pink and red are not suitable as the main color of the bedroom, that is, the color of the wall. Because these colors will make people excited, long time in this environment, will People feel uneasy and make them feel annoyed.

3. Yellow study - lazy

The study room is the place where everyone learns and works. The yellow color often has the effect of warning. If the yellow wall is used as the wall decoration of the study, it will bring a strong visual impact and simply cause the appearance of visual exhaustion. In addition, yellow has the effect of meditation and calmness, and if it is long, it will make people lazy.

4. Blue restaurant wall decoration - affecting appetite

The blue color is attributed to the cool color and often gives a sense of distance. The restaurant is the place where the whole family enjoys a good meal. If the blue background wall is used to some extent, it will affect the mood of the meal and the whole air. Therefore, the restaurant is best to use an orange background wall.

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