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How To Make a Good Custom Cabinet?

Jan. 02, 2020

If you want to customize cabinets for decoration, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of them. The first is to know the overall design, the next is to understand its cabinet body, material, hardware, and different engineering cost intervals. Below, the PET plywood surface panel factory comes to everyone to understand it thoroughly.

Custom cabinet is a cabinet combination consisting of a cabinet, electrical appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen functional appliances. By rationally arranging its shape, size and use requirements, and organically storing and washing according to consumer need A complete set of three cooking functions. The biggest feature of custom cabinets is to coordinate the design and construction of various kitchen utensils in accordance with the actual conditions and requirements of consumers' kitchens, so as to achieve the coordination of kitchen life.

Eco-friendly PET Surface Panel

At present, the cabinets on the market are generally divided into these types: double finishes, PET, logs, baking paint, film pressure, UV metal. Among them, logs and baking varnishes need to be painted, and the differences are very large. There are dozens of types of varnishes, and the sources, prices, and processes are uneven. Therefore, when choosing a home brand for customization, you must choose a brand that uses a healthy and environmentally friendly paint process. What kind of substrate is used is the key to the quality of the cabinet and the determinant of the price difference. Therefore, when selecting a cabinet, it is important to understand which substrate the manufacturer uses. At present, the cabinets used in the market mainly include solid wood particle board, solid wood multilayer board, solid wood finger joint board, and ecological board.

With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, custom-made cabinets have become the latest choice for people when decorating kitchens. At present, custom cabinets on the market can be described as good and bad, and their quality, quality, and price are even more uneven. In general, depending on the materials, area size, and brand of the cabinet, the sales price is also very different.

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