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How To Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kitchen Cabinets

Nov. 25, 2019

Plank is what we need to use in domestic outfit life, its can do plank furniture, can do ambry, can do bathroom ark, can do bookcase to wait a purpose, can say the person that needs to decorate can undertake understanding to this kind of material. For this kind of material actually plank kind has a lot of, the price on the market also is different bigger, probably a lot of people want to buy cheap plank, but often late quality this can let a person not be at ease. So how do we judge this situation? UV coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors Supplier shares with you.

UV Resistant PET Surface Panel

To understand the board and its characteristics. There are many types of cabinet plates. To distinguish them, it is necessary to understand the core materials of the plates. Now the core materials are solid wood, pellet boards, ecological boards, etc. The prices of different core materials are different.  Compared with the current use of ecological boards for wardrobe, the price of solid wood boards will be higher, and the environmental protection level of pellet boards will be slightly lower. Different choices are different, so we need to consider them carefully. If it is the finished cabinet, then the following are what we need to pay attention to:

The first, pay attention to see manufacturer have "10 annulus attestation" mark or certificate, understand the environmental protection grade of next plank, this kind can have relevant certificate commonly or mark helps consumers to undertake to distinguish.

The second, if the condition allows, can ask ambry store tears open the sealing edge strip of board piece, see whether to have the circumstance that falls off. If the sealing edge is not done well, the situation of water intake and expansion is easy to occur in the later stage, which poses a threat to our human body.

The third, the smell inside the cabinet can be opened. Generally speaking, the smell of wood is normal. If there is an irritating smell, it means that the processed material of the cabinet is inferior.

The fourth, whether the color of the board is different or other abnormal conditions occur. Look at the overall color of the cabinet, if there is any problem with color difference, please pay attention to the problem if the board surface is uneven or blistering, and replace it as soon as possible, otherwise, it will only affect the later life.

The fifth, the hardware situation. For the cabinet, the hardware is very important. The use of the cabinet is often determined by hardware. If the hardware has a long service life, the use time of the natural cabinet is also more factory. If the drawer does not move smoothly or loosely, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

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