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Construction Preparation Of HPL Sheet Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Aug. 03, 2019

1) The HPL Sheet Kitchen Cabinet Doors should be treated with moisture in advance, brush hot asphalt or linoleum to ensure the wood panel is dry and reduce deformation.

2) Install the wooden retaining wall, the structural surface or the base layer at the wood bobbin, and pre-bury the wooden brick or iron.

3) The surface of the panel should be planed in advance and coated with a preservative.

4) When the plywood finish is varnished, the board should be selected before construction, and the adjacent panels should have similar wood grain and color.

Clean dust, oil and residue from the wood panel. Surface oil is cleaned with gasoline or thinner and ground with a sandpaper to prevent protruding nails and particles from appearing on the base.

For the defective parts of the base layer, mortar leveling work should be done. Smooth cement should be brazed with steel braze and sprinkled with water in advance.

When nailing the keel, first press the moisture-proof coil or apply the moisture-proof paint before the nailed keel.

According to the requirements of the design drawings, the elastic line is positioned, the plane position and the vertical ruler are determined, and the mosaic pattern is pre-paved, and the hammer is punched.

According to the design requirements of the High Glossy Marble UV Board surface, the wooden wedges of the anti-corrosion are buried in the predetermined drilling position. The wooden keel can be prefabricated for overall or block installation on site. The wooden keel should find the four-frame keel according to the position of the four corners of the room and the upper and lower keels. The nail must be found and straightened, and the wooden keel should be fixed on the wooden wedge. The surface should be planed and treated with anti-corrosion treatment. When installing, use a five-wire meter to determine whether the keel is flat, straight or straight. Generally, the wood keel size is 30×40×400mm, the horizontal keel spacing is 400mm, and the vertical keel spacing is 500mm. If the panel thickness is above 15mm, the horizontal keel spacing can be expanded to 450mm. At the same time, the gap between the skeleton and the wooden wedge should be padded with wooden mats. Each wooden mat should be nailed with at least two nails, and the thickness of the publishing surface should be reserved when the keel is nailed.

HPL Sheet Kitchen Cabinet Doors

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