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How To Maintain The Cabinet?

Jan. 08, 2020

Kitchens often need to withstand more severe oil pollution tests, so not only are the kitchens easily stained but if you don’t pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, you will shorten the life of the cabinets. UV coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors Supplier also recommends that your cabinets be regularly maintained with proper cleaning methods. 

The basis for maintaining cabinets is to do a good job of cleaning, especially in the kitchen area, oil-salt sauce vinegar, and other easily corroded panels, which need to be cleaned up in time; in addition, the use of cleaning agents and dust treatment methods also need attention.

1, coffee, soy sauce, tea, red wine, and other processing methods

In daily life, once coffee, soy sauce, tea, red wine or other similar foods with a high concentration of coloring ingredients are left on the surface of the cabinet, please dispose of them in a timely manner to avoid long-term residues, which may leave on the surface of the cabinet Permanent stains.

UV Coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors

2.Precautions for oil stain cleaning

When cleaning the oily spots and oily splashes during cooking, you can use a soft towel or a brush with a kitchen cleaner (avoid using acidic and corrosive cleaning solvents) to gently wipe off the stains, and finally, wipe with a dry towel Clean to ensure that the surface of the board is dry.

3.Notes on the use of cleaning agents

Before using commercially available household cleaners, please make sure that any cleaners containing coloring ingredients cannot be used without dilution or concentration because the coloring ingredients they contain will leave residues on the panel surface. Stains, once these stains dry on the surface or are blotted dry, it will be difficult to remove them completely

4, dust cleaning matters needing attention

The living room kitchen often opens windows for ventilation. Due to seasonal changes, the cabinet will be stained with dust. First of all, clean it with a soft, dry towel. Avoid rubbing to leave scratches on the surface of the door. Secondly, use damp. After cleaning the towel, be sure to dry the surface of the door panel.

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