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How To Choose A Cabinet?

Oct. 18, 2019

The cabinets play an important role in the family kitchen, and they are integrated with household appliances such as burning, washing, storage, and oil-smoke. Carefully select a set of high-quality and durable cabinets to improve the quality of life while saving a lot of care for the future.

The cabinets are constructed in three categories: floor cabinets, wall cabinets, and high cabinets. Their functions include washing, cooking, cooking, and storage. Cabinets are generally composed of countertops, door panels, cabinets, kitchen appliances, sinks, and hardware accessories. Cabinets are very popular in today's life, so people should know more when they are shopping, in order to let people discover the many uses of the whole cabinet. In today's building materials market, there are many looks. Almost the same cabinet products, but the price is quite different. And we usually choose the whole cabinet when we are decorating. How to choose the most whole cabinets, how can we distinguish them? So how to choose is a problem that people face. How to choose the cabinet while ensuring its environmental protection and practicality? As a UV Coating Kitchen Cabinet Doors Manufacturer, we can give you some suggestions.

The countertops of the whole cabinet are divided into artificial stone countertops, quartz stone countertops, and stainless steel countertops. Among them, the artificial stone countertops have been eliminated. As a society that pays attention to environmental protection, it is a kind of environmentally friendly quartz stone, and the variety of colors and colors is also very diverse. Stainless steel countertops are relatively rare because of its stainless steel countertops. 

Second, we must understand the door panel materials. The door panel materials are solid wood, plastic board, baking varnish board, Meijing board and so on. The choice of door panels can be matched according to the style of your home decoration. If the decoration style is European and new Chinese style, you can choose blister and solid wood. The simple style can choose paint and crystal plate, compared with blister and solid wood. It is easier to clean and clean the crystal plate and paint, and the crystal plate is also a modern style door that has been popular in recent years. Solid wood is natural to the aesthetics of the East, and it is quite environmentally friendly in the cabinet. The most common in the cabinet design is the cabinet made of solid wood. This kind of cabinet is quite recognized by consumers.

The rather high-end type in the cabinet is a painted cabinet, which is quite comfortable and easy to clean and durable.

Today's more fashionable cabinets are stainless steel cabinets. Its advantage is that it is easy to clean and is favored by young consumers. However, its biggest drawback is its poor heatstroke resistance;

The well-known plastic slab cabinet is the PVC cabinet that everyone often said. The advantage of this cabinet is that it is relatively waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.

Scratch -resistance Marble UV Board

Scratch -resistance Marble UV Board

The best of course is solid wood, but the solid wood is easily deformed in the humid and humid environment of the kitchen. It is not recommended for everyone. The better of these is the plastic plate and the crystal plate, the price is relatively cheaper, the key is good shape, also scrub. In terms of sheet quality and environmental protection, many domestically produced goods are not too close, so be careful to buy. Although the paint board is beautiful, but the price is high, and it is afraid of bumping, it is a scratch. At this time, you can choose a Scratch -resistance Marble UV Board.

Then there is the cabinet material. Today's cabinets are mostly MDF, stainless steel, particle board, multi-layer plywood, pure solid wood board and stainless steel cabinet. If you want to be durable, we would like to choose stainless steel and splint, and you can choose the splint and stainless steel. The cost is relatively expensive, but the service life is often long. It is very important to choose the right plate when decorating the cabinet. He can decide the service life of your cabinet. If you want to use it for a long time and benefit, you can choose multi-layer splint and stainless steel cabinet. These two plates are relatively high-end. Pure solid wood will be more expensive. Also, don't forget the panel on the kitchen wall. To be strong and damp, you can use Wall decoration Marble UV Board.

Another important thing is the hardware. Hardware is the soul of the cabinet. If the hardware is not good, there will be iron rust, door cracking, drawer push and pull and other sounds. Hardware is generally hinges, hinges, gas bracing, pulleys, etc., must be bought here, otherwise the hardware will affect the service life of the plate.

The above is about how to choose the cabinet, I hope to help everyone.

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