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Why Are High Gloss Acrylic Surface Panel Diverse?

May. 25, 2019

Why are High Gloss Acrylic Surface Panel products diverse? Everyone will be curious as to why Acrylic can be processed into a variety of shapes and styles, and the color is rich, and the acrylic sheet can be matched according to the product of the customer's needs. In the previous process, Xiaobian introduced many advantages about acrylic products, details of acrylic processing and process manufacturing. Then today will explain this question for everyone.

Matt ABS Acrylic Surface Panel easy to process and easy to color the advantages of its own characteristics, first of all, acrylic plexiglass is an invisible polymer, its shrinkage range is reduced, generally in the 0.45%-0.9, which is Acrylic processing creates an advantage of easy forming.

Secondly, drying must be a must in the material processing. Acrylic is made of polymethyl cresyl cresol and polymethyl cresol contains a polar side methyl group. This composition makes it highly hygroscopic. The drying conditions are generally dry at 78 ° C - 80 ° C. 5-6h.

The shape of acrylic products is varied, thanks to its excellent cutting performance, which can be processed by laser cutting under the condition of good size. The quality is simple and high. This feature is not available in glass, just because Such acrylic cutting will become more refined, and the polished acrylic will be more crystal clear.

High Gloss Acrylic Surface Panel

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