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Difference Between PET Board and Poly Wafer Board

Dec. 05, 2019

Ambry is the window of the whole household kitchen, the design of the ambry door board of the kitchen and material also are more and more novel now. Ambry door plank material is the center that decides ambry design appearance, at present more popular ambry door plank material has PET plank, polycrystal board to wait for these to be more popular. Below Gloss PET Surface Panel Factory make up to tell everybody in detail new ambry door plank material which is good.

PET board

1. Material analysis: PET material is highly environmentally friendly, non-toxic and food-grade. It is widely used in various food, drug and non-toxic and aseptic packaging materials.

2. Surface material composition: the surface material is composed of two layers, the upper layer is made of PET material (the transparent part of the surface), and the lower layer is 3D color film material made of imported color paste. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

3. Characteristics of auxiliary materials: the advanced environment-friendly water-based adhesive with American Dupont curing agent is adopted, which is a high environment-friendly product. In addition, the special adhesive and the surface and the base material have a chemical reaction, three closely cross-linked together, plus the system of glue, pressing technology, in the use of the process, there are very few open, foaming phenomenon.

4. product performance: this product has high environmental protection, non-toxic, basically no color difference, does not fade, does not change color, does not crack, easy to process, easy to clean and other advantages. For ambry processing plant: in the production process, the raw materials used without formaldehyde, toluene, xylene and other substances, no irritant or bad smell volatile; Easy to process, no cracking, no chromatic aberration, collision resistance, is the ideal alternative UV products.

PET Particle Board Panel

Poly wafer board

1, POLY crystal board raw materials belong to the food and medical-grade, not only can be used as food products but also often used as medical injection bag containers, because the medical liquid is directly infusion into the human blood vessels, is the highest level of environmental protection.

2. Physical properties of POLY wafer: odorless, odorless, non-toxic, with good surface stiffness and anti-scratch characteristics, full gloss, no problem of environmental stress cracking, and excellent anti-bending fatigue. It has good heat resistance, the highest continuous service temperature can reach 120℃ under no-load condition, the short-term service temperature is 150℃, good resistance to boiling water and steam.

3. Chemical properties of POLY crystal board raw material: high chemical corrosion resistance, insoluble in any solvent at room temperature. It has good resistance to environmental stress cracking, and the acid and alkali lotion in daily life will not cause any damage to it.

4, on the production process, South Korea has a number of advanced patent technology, make the POLY real diamond crystal plate with a trendy adornment effect, with the hand touch the plate surface, real waves and ripples in the fingertips clever jumping, but do not break smooth tactility, fashion highlights flash silver series and low-key luxury inferior smooth series, which embody the perfect combination of fashion and noble breath.

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