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How to Choose Customized Wardrobe Doors?

Jun. 27, 2019

The wardrobe, as the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom, requires a careful calculation of the space ratio and storage rate for small units. What kind of wardrobes can save space, and the storage space is not too small?

Customized Wardrobe Doors

To solve this problem, the Customized Wardrobe Doors are a key point. But how to choose the wardrobe door? Is it flat or push-pull? Is the material selected from wood or glass? Is the swing door or the sliding door? Please see the following points:

1. Convenience.

From the point of view of use, the opening angle of the swing door wardrobe is 90°, and when the door is fully opened, the entire interior of the wardrobe can be presented. Whether it is amplifying or small pieces, even long windbreakers are very convenient; and sliding doors can only show up to 50% of the wardrobe, which is slightly inconvenient compared to the peaceful opening of the door.

2. Sealing.

Sealability can be said to be the biggest difference. After the swing door closet is closed, there is basically no gap, which also creates its superior sealing. It is difficult to get into the gray layer and the moisture resistance is good. The sliding door is relatively large due to structural problems, and the sealing is better. difference. During use, it is easy to forget to push the door and easily enter the ash layer.

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