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Four Highlights Of Customized Wardrobe Doors' Selection

Sep. 16, 2019

The wardrobe  door has three advantages of dust-proof, anti-pollution and shame. A beautiful  and stylish wardrobe door is often the biggest "face project" of the whole  wardrobe. Then you need to pay attention to the following four points to  customize the wardrobe door:

Marble UV Board

Marble UV  Board 

1.Look at the material

Commonly used  sheet materials are wooden wardrobe doors and glass wardrobe doors. Today, with  the theme of low-carbon environmental protection and health, the environmental  protection of the whole wardrobe door is particularly important. The surface  quality of the Marble UV  Board is glass, smooth and flat, no small holes, and the effect is modern  and fashionable. Compared with the wooden door, the glass door is greener and  more convenient, not only easy to clean but also waterproof. On the surface, the  solvent-free environmentally-friendly paint is used to cure the paint, which  greatly reduces the formaldehyde release on the surface of the decorative paint  and improves its environmental protection index. Therefore, when customizing the  whole wardrobe door, it is necessary to ensure that the formaldehyde release  content of the whole wardrobe door does not cause harm to the human  body.

2. Look at the  style

There are two  types of swing doors and sliding doors such as Sliding Door Marble UV  Board. The advantages of swing doors are mainly that the airtightness is  better. The shortcomings are mainly due to the high requirements on the space,  which is more suitable for large bedrooms. The advantage of sliding doors is  mainly to save space and is favored by small-sized household heads. Because its  opening method is a slide rail, the quality of the pulley becomes the main  disadvantage of the sliding door.

3.Look at the  size

The panel of the  whole wardrobe door uses at least 10mm or 12mm thick plates, so that the  wardrobe door is strong, stable and durable. The height of modern standard homes  is between 2700 and 2800mm, and the custom furniture will basically top the door  for the overall beauty. Usually design a 2400mm lower cabinet sliding door, and  then design a top cabinet to cover the door, or directly design a wardrobe door,  such wardrobe door should pay special attention to its bearing  capacity.

4.Look at the  border

The materials  used for the overall wardrobe door frame are mainly aluminum alloy,  aluminum-magnesium alloy, aluminum-titanium alloy and magnesium-titanium alloy.  In order to ensure that the wardrobe door is not deformed, no matter which  material is selected, the weight of the door of the Mazu wardrobe is 2800mm, and  the thickness of the frame material is at least 1mm.

If you are  looking for more information about the products, feel free to contact us, who is  a professional Marble UV  Board Factory.

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