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What Attention Should Be Paid to the Customized CupboardⅡ?

Mar. 23, 2020

Deep embossed PET surface panels manufacturer shares with you.

Custom cabinets definitely need to know some cabinet-related knowledge. A few terms need to be explained:


The handle is the hardware that is installed on the cabinet door to open the door, which is usually selected for free. Some cabinet door panels will use invisible handles, which will involve additional charges.

7, see the light side

The side panel of the cabinet is also called glossy. For example, if the cabinet side panels on both sides of the range hood are to be made of the same material as the cabinet door panels, additional costs will be involved.

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8.Gas tube

Gas bagging can be said to be a process. Generally, there is a gas pipe in the corner of the kitchen. If there is no decoration, it will affect the beauty, but it will not be sealed directly. Therefore, cabinet companies are usually asked to do the gas-in-pipe process, which will involve additional costs.

9.Waterproof aluminum foil

In the lower cabinet where the sink is installed, in order to prevent water leakage and condensation from damaging the cabinet, a layer of waterproof aluminum foil will be wrapped inside the lower cabinet, which may involve additional costs.

10. Under counter basin processing

The under-counter basin here refers to a processing technique. In popular terms, the sink is glued from the bottom to the underside of the countertop. The advantage of "under counter basin processing technology" is that it can be easily cleaned.

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