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What Attention Should Be Paid to the Customized CupboardⅠ?

Mar. 17, 2020

PET particle Board Panel Manufacturer shares with you.

Custom cabinets definitely need to know some cabinet-related knowledge. A few terms need to be explained:

1.Linear meter

The vast majority of custom cabinet merchants use "linear meter" pricing. Linear meter in the cabinet industry refers to floor cabinets, hanging cabinets, and some accessories included in a one-meter-long space. You should understand it as one meter, but if the cabinet price is 2000 yuan per meter, and your home needs to be 3 meters, the total price is not as simple as 6000, which will be explained in detail later.


The cabinet refers to the floor cabinet and the hanging cabinet (not counting the door panel). Currently, most custom cabinets use solid wood particle boards and solid wood multilayer boards as cabinet materials. Cabinet materials can mainly focus on environmental protection indicators.

Wardrobe PET Surface Panel


Hinge is the hardware that connects the door panel and cabinet. The quality of the hinge determines the service life of the cabinet door, and you can also choose a damping hinge with a damping function. Well-known hinge brands include Blum, Hettich, Häfele, Grasse, etc., which are all imported brands. Of course, they are well-known and there are many fakes. Pay attention to distinguish them.


The drawer is well understood, but the quality of the drawer track directly affects the use and life of the drawer, and you can also choose a better damping drawer. Brands can refer to hinge brands.

5.Air support

Pneumatic brace is hardware used in the flip door. If you have no idea, you can imagine that the back door of many vans or SUVs is opened upwards. The hardware that connects this type of upside-down door is called the air brace. There is also a damping air strut with a damping function.


The handle is the hardware that is installed on the cabinet door to open the door, which is usually selected for free. Some cabinet door panels will use invisible handles, which will involve additional charges.

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