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Comprehensive analysis of new PET cabinet door panels 1

Mar. 30, 2020

With the continuous progress of society, even the cabinet boards are constantly updated. Now more and more new cabinet door boards have appeared in front of our eyes. Currently, the most popular cabinet door board materials are PET board and polycrystal drill board. Today, the wardrobe PET surface panel supplier will give you a detailed analysis of this new type of cabinet door panel, so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of the PET sheet.

PET Sheet

First, the material analysis of new PET cabinet door

PET material is highly environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and food-grade (PET material has the advantages of high strength, good transparency, non-toxicity, impermeability, and high environmental protection. It is widely used in various foods, drugs, non-toxic and sterile Packaging materials: such as cling film, beverage bottles, and edible oil packaging bottles are made of PET materials) and have received widespread attention from the decoration industry at home and abroad. This is also the selling point of PET materials because consumers are now more and more concerned about environmental protection, Also willing to pay more for such products.

Second, PET new cabinet door panel surface composition

The surface layer material is composed of two layers, the upper layer is made of PET material (surface transparent part), and the lower layer is made of imported color paste, which is a 3D color film material. It is made of imported additives from the United States DuPont chemical raw materials that are wear-resistant and stain-resistant in the world today. It is made by using today's popular German vacuum coating technology. E0 / E1 high-quality medium-density fiberboard with national environmental protection certification.

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