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Introductions of PET Surface Panel 1

Feb. 28, 2020

In fact, everyone is no stranger to PET. PET plastic and PET film are common materials in life. Academically speaking, PET is a poly terephthalate plastic. Due to the highly symmetrical molecular structure, PET materials have many excellent properties, such as optical properties, film-forming properties, and weather resistance. They are widely used in many fields. Deep  embossed PET surface panels manufacturer shares with you.

Due to its outstanding electrical insulation properties, PET material has become the darling of the electronic and electrical field. This is also the most widely used field of PET materials at present, and the consumption accounts for more than 26% of the total consumption. Due to the stable wear resistance, PET also has A place; the properties of lightweight and high strength coincide with the requirements of bottles, all kinds of packaging bottles can be produced using PET materials ...

Now that PET materials are coming out of the air, can you make the most of your advantages in the field of furniture, and also make achievements in the field of home building materials?

Excellent Value PET Surface Panel

PET flat film is a flat film made of PET material. It is a new type of decorative material that is safe and environmentally friendly.

PET flat film can enter the furniture market “breaking the wall” and must have its reasonable value. PET flat film has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, rich style, and high-cost performance.

Environmentally friendly plastic

Speaking of plastics, some people may worry that plastics will produce toxic substances. This worry is not unreasonable. In the past, plastics were mostly PVC materials, and PVC contained chlorine. Vinyl chloride that was not fully polymerized during the production process may overflow. The human body causes harm, and PET is the same as acrylic, and its material is only composed of three elements: C, H, and O.

In terms of appearance, PET and PVC are very similar, but as long as they are ignited, they can be quickly distinguished: because PVC contains chlorine, it will produce an irritating odor after burning, and PET will not release toxic gases when burned. A safe and environmentally friendly plastic.

Our company provides excellent  value PET Surface Panel.

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