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Bonding Method Of 2H Acrylic Surface Panel

May. 28, 2019

1. Docking: Place two 2H Acrylic Surface Panel to be docked horizontally on the operating platform, close them, and stick a tape at the bottom to leave a gap of no more than 0.3mm wide for the adhesive to be applied. Use a syringe to inject the adhesive from one side evenly and slowly from the gap until it is fully filled. After the film is fully cured, remove the tape.

2, façade bonding: façade bonding is the most widely used bonding technology, and is widely used in the production of various plexiglass IT electronic digital display products. First wipe the surface to be bonded clean. It is better to use the master to achieve the bonding so that the adhesive does not shake, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the bonding. The plexiglass plate with a thickness of 3mm is bonded, and the thin metal wire can be padded, the bonding is completed by capillary action, the wire is extracted before the adhesive is cured, or the adhesive tape can be used, and then the adhesive is applied by bonding. .

3, bevel bonding: bonding bevel must use a 90 degree angle and other models to prevent the displacement of the 4H Acrylic Surface Panel surface. The application adhesive should be uniform and slow. The master can be removed after it has been fully cured.

4, surface bonding: plane bonding is a special bonding method. First wipe the surface to be cleaned and place it horizontally, and apply a proper amount of adhesive to it. One side of the other plexiglass plate was placed obliquely on the plexiglass plate to which the adhesive was applied, and then uniformly discharged slowly, and the bubbles were ejected from one side to complete the bonding. The plexiglass adhesive can erode the surface of the plexiglass sheet and leave traces that are difficult to remove, so that the adhesive-free portion can be protected by a non-stick tape. Grease, dust or air holes can prevent uniform application of the adhesive and leave air bubbles. Excessive use of a small amount of adhesive can cause air to be introduced when the bond is shrunk. Direct blowing causes the edges of the bonding surface to become white due to the volatilization of the adhesive. Indoor humidity, temperature, etc. all have a direct impact on the bonding of plexiglass sheets.

2H Acrylic Surface Panel

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