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How High Is the Cabinet Height?

May. 12, 2020

Most modern kitchen decoration uses overall custom cabinets. This thing was first invented by foreigners. If it is remembered correctly, it should be made by the Germans. After it was introduced into China, it has basically been popularized after more than 20 years of development. Humidity resistant PET surface panel supplier shares with you.

Is there an industry standard for cabinet height? Each cabinet manufacturer's default floor cabinet height may be slightly different, but generally it will be between 75-85 cm. In addition to considering the ergonomic size of the cabinet, the maximum utilization of the entire board will also be considered to a certain extent.

Commercial Furniture PET Surface Panel

In fact, the more scientific height should be based on the height of the people who mainly use the kitchen at home to determine the height of the countertop, generally half the height and then increase the height of 2-5 cm. In addition, if the kitchen is used frequently, you can consider the design of the unequal height of the countertop. For example, the area for washing vegetables and cutting vegetables can be higher, and you don’ t need to bend down to wash dishes and dishes; the stove area for cooking can be slightly lower. You don't have to lift your arm to cook. It saves you a lot of effort.

For example, for a 165 cm tall owner, the countertop of the vegetable basin area can be designed to be 85-90 cm, and the position of cooking can be around 75 cm.

There are many details in the kitchen that can improve the usability. Of course, these details will definitely increase capital investment.

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